Helping Kids With Summer Homework

07 Aug 2016

Q: How do you schedule and follow through having the kids do school summer homework packet?

A: Hi, thanks for reaching out. You asked about how to get your kids to do their homework packets or workbooks. I think it depends on the age of your kids and the type of students that they are. For my older kids, I work hard to make sure their homework packets are done at the start of the summer. They can appreciate the logic (even if they don’t love it) of getting it out of the way so that it doesn’t sit over them the entire summer.

For my younger kids, I look closely at the work they have from school and my own summer goals for them. I make sure that some learning happens each day — even if it something as simple as reading to them/with them while sitting in the backyard. For work that is complicated or long term, I set milestones that we try to reach together. If we finish reading a book, we can head out to special ice cream time together. For more intense learning, I make sure that the room is quiet and that my child has my full attention (something that isn’t guaranteed in a house with five kids). I also don’t work for longer than 10-15 minutes. I want them to continue to enjoy the time and not resent it.

Even with all of that said, no one knows your kids better than you do. Remember that it’s summer and that even learning should have a bit of a vacation “flavor” to it. Find what they love and help incorporate it into your learning plan.

Best of luck,

Devorah Katz of

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