Listen: Parents With Children in Israel: Coping and Supporting From Afar When Crisis is Near

04 Nov 2015

Chai Lifeline’s Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Forensic and Clinical Psychologist and Professor, who directs Project Chai, the Crisis and Trauma department of CLL and Zahava Farbman, MSW, Associate Director of Project Chai addressed an engaged audience on the subject of coping with one’s children being in Israel during times of crisis.

As much as we long for our children and families to be in Israel, being a part of the life, the culture and the history, at times such as these challenging ones, a parent’s mind and heart are touched by worry, be uncertainty and even by second thoughts of their kids being so far away. This webinar addressed the experience of both parents and young adult children in facing these challenges and offered practical guidelines of reaching forth for secure connections with one’s children, along with tools for coping with one’s own emotions.
(Recorded on 11-4-15)

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