Yachad Israel: Pizza 4 Soldiers Blogpost:

27 Sep 2016

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible” ~ Henry Rollins

Yachad Israel is bringing back Pizza 4 Soldiers!

Yachad Israel finds it important to show support for Israel’s IDF soldiers. What better way to support than to make and send pizza!

At our Pizza 4 Soldiers events, Yachad members, students in Yeshiva and Seminary, and soldiers with special needs join together to make pizza for soldiers, write letters of appreciation, and hand deliver the pies of pizza to our soldiers who are serving Israel. This token of appreciation is both valued by our soldiers as a tasty snack, and our gap year students and Yachad members as a fun, inclusive activity.

This activity cannot be sustained without YOUR support!

The math is simple:

$36 = 1 Pizza Pie

All donations are used to cover the cost of the pizza, transportation to and from the event, and delivery for the pizza!

Last year, we received enough donations for 500 pies of pizza, which allowed for 23 pizza making events. This year, we are looking to double this, as we strive to receive donations for 1000 pies.

We are up for this saucy challenge, are you?

Click here for a taste of what these events look like.


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