Who Was Tibor Rubin?

16 Dec 2015
Tibor Rubin
Tibor Rubin

Last week, Tibor Rubin died at the age of 86.

After being liberated by American soldiers from the Mauthausen concentration camp, Rubin made a promise that he would give back and joined the American army. While serving in the Korean War, his virulently anti-Semitic sergeant repeatedly gave him the most dangerous missions. In once instance, “he single-handedly held off a wave of North Korean soldiers for 24 hours, securing for his own troops a safe route of retreat.” He spent 30 months as a POW in North Korea, where his experience surviving a concentration camp allowed him to help his fellow prisoners.

In fact, “he made a habit of sneaking out of the camp at night and foraging for food, stealing from enemy supplies, and bringing back what he could to help nourish his comrades.”

When Rubin was recommended for a Medal of Honor, the same anti-Semitic sergeant Artice V. Watson, “deliberately ignored the orders from his own superiors to prepare the appropriate paperwork.

Rubin was eventually awarded the Medal of Honor in 2005 after Congress passed the Leonard Kravitz Jewish War Veterans Act.

I have a mom who was very religious,” Corporal Rubin stated. “And she always teach us: ‘There is one God, and we are all brothers and sisters. You have to take care of your brothers, and save them.’ To her, to save somebody’s life is the greatest honor. And I did that.”

 You can watch this video about his story below.

Having survived German concentration camps, Tibor Rubin made himself a promise to thank those who liberated him by joining the U.S. Army if he ever made it to America.Later, as a Trooper with 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment during the Korean War, Rubin’s unbelievable courage and determination led to not one, but four nominations for the Medal of Honor. However, one toxic and antisemitic leader repeatedly refused to process any paperwork recognizing Rubin for his actions.#TodayInCavHistory: 10 years ago – and 55 years overdue – Cpl. Tibor Rubin receives the Medal of Honor. #LiveTheLegend

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