Watch: Kosher Certification: Behind the Scene with Reserve Cut’s Rabbi

04 Apr 2016

How does one of the best steak houses in New York keep kosher?

Billy Lyons of Zagat spent a day with OU Mashgiach Rabbi Hyam Maryles who supervises the kashruth of Reserve Cut in Downtown Manhattan. Each day, Rabbi Maryles arrives hours before the restaurant opens to ensure that Reserve Cut’s acclaimed dishes maintain the OU’s strict kosher standards.

“Kosher laws go back to the Five Books of Moses,” explains OU Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Dov Schreier during the video.

The video also provides a close look at how OU mashgichim work hand-in-hand with chefs and restaurant owners to ensure that the highest quality ingredients have the highest quality certification.

“Chefs can be very strict with the ingredients they like to use so it’s our responsibility to get them those ingredients,” said Rabbi Maryles.

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