Simchat Torah in the Henkin’s Hometown

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07 Oct 2015

eitam-and-naama-henkin.feature_580x320How do you celebrate the holiday of Simchat Torah in the wake of a horrific murder that left four children orphaned? Lee-at Salomon, a neighbor of the Henkin family, wrote this article for The Times of Israel, describing how their community managed to celebrate the holiday. It’s a testament to the strength of the Henkin family, Neriya and the spirit of Israel that binds us all together.

“Youth from Sderot came all the way to visit us on the eve of the holiday, bearing cakes and magnets that said, “In unity and courage, we shall win! We give you strength and we love you. — Youth of Sderot.” Let’s fathom this: Sderot, living under constant war, felt the need to bring us strength in our hard hour.

The holiday was getting closer. We heard news that Eitam’s HY”D parents, his two older children (Matan and Nitzan), and his brother and sister were planning on spending this important holiday with us. As this was the first time the children were returning to their home in Neriya after the awful murders, we all promised to make sure that the children would have a great Simchat Torah. With that purpose, we found new energy and grew excited about the approaching holiday.”

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