Remembering Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald zt’l

28 Jan 2016

Vos Iz Neias posted this article about the remarkable life of Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald zt’l:

He earned letters of thanks from the White House, was the diplomatic representative for the South African Republic of Bophuthatswana in the United States, collaborated on projects with an Italian prince and successfully negotiated with the Lithuanian government to allow for the burial of Sifrei Torah that had been desecrated during World War II but to the tens of thousands of individuals whose lives he touched through his kiruv, educational and summer camping efforts, Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald was a father figure whose loving acceptance was a source of inspiration and confidence.

Rabbi Greenwald passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday while vacationing in Florida at the age of 82, as previously reported on VIN News.

Born in 1934, Rabbi Greenwald was the son of Eastern European immigrants who grew up on the Lower East Side before moving with his family to the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.  A talmid of Yeshiva Torah V’daas who later studied at Telz in Cleveland, Rabbi Greenwald moved to Borough Park after marrying his wife Miriam, and he began his career teaching in local yeshivos.

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