Prediction, Preparation, Tension, Destruction, Despair, Loss, Horror, Emptiness, Darkness, This Was a Week We Will Remember for a Very Long Time!!!

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Hurricane Sandy
02 Nov 2012

In New York NCSY South all kids living in the “A” and “B” zone areas got a call on Sunday (along with ones outside the area) to be sure they had a place to stay when they would be evacuated. All kids got calls on Monday to check on them, and follow up when possible on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can imagine how grateful the JSU or NCSY members were to hear the warm, caring familiar voice.

In fact one JSU member a junior in high school seemed down by all that was going on, power outage, no food, so I made some hot food and brought it over to her and her family. Upon bringing it to their fifth floor apartment,the smiles of gratitude made it all worthwhile.

An alumni of NCSY and his family, lost their home to damage of sandy, Moish immediately drove to their house packed up what they could salvage and took them to his home for as long as they need.

Those that were available to do some work, put sweepstakes booklets all over town.

The tefilla latte that usually runs on Thursday afternoons met Thursday morning to “pray for those in need” in fact a man from Rockaway, that lost his home, walked into Dunkin Donuts to warm up with a cup of coffee, he was so happy to hear girls in Brooklyn got together to pray for others in need.

The Thursday night Learning and chapter meeting was packed over 50 kids came to learn about the parsha and play the “Q.” Check out the pictures, the NCSYers finding the answers to some very interesting questions. Thanks to the Brooklyn advisors that helped make up the program!!!!!

Have a great shabbos!!!

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