Our Favorite Photos from Chanukah 2015

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17 Dec 2015

Throughout this year’s Festival of Lights, many stories circulated the holiday’s message of service, dedication, and hope. Here are some of our favorite photographs.

  1. Lit Chanukah menorahs in the Warsaw Ghetto.

warsaw ghettoweb

2. Turkey’s Jews celebrated Chanukah publicly for the first time in 92 years

Turkey's Jewsweb

3. Somewhere in Afghanistan, Jewish servicemen find each other

Fort Benning Jewish Communityweb

4. The Menorah that Defied the Nazis


5. Texas Synagogue Creates 16-Foot Lego Menorah


6. Dutch Rabbi Invites Muslims to Lighting of 36-foot-high Menorah


7. Tel Aviv’s Azreili Center on the first night of Hanukkah

tel avivweb

8. Happy Hanukkah from the New York Transit Museum


9. German Jewish soldiers in Eastern Europe during World War I. (1916)


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