OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Manhattan Beach, NY

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25 Apr 2017

The Manhattan Beach community in southern Brooklyn is a wonderful place to live. It feels like living in the country, with all of the city amenities. There are modern parks where children can play, a boardwalk, the gorgeous ocean and beautiful views of sailboats along Sheepshead Bay.  It is close to shuls, yeshivas, kosher shopping, convenient transportation and so much more. The community has an eruv.

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The excellent Shulamith School for Girls (from Pre-K-12) is located next to the synagogue and there’s a catering hall that’s available for simchas. The new mikvah is one block away. Lower Manhattan is 35 minutes away by subway, and Midtown Manhattan is a 50-minute subway ride. The subway station is a five-minute walk.

The upcoming beautiful building, which is scheduled for completion in the late Fall 2018, will contain 23 luxurious 3-bedroom apartments with subsidized rent for member families ofManhattan Beach Jewish Center. The spacious apartments will have all the amenities of a kosher home as well as beautiful views of the ocean and Sheepshead Bay.

The anchor for the Jewish community is the people-friendly and welcoming Manhattan Beach Jewish Center synagogue which has daily minyanim, a Shabbat children’s program, classes, Shabbat dinners, lectures by guest speakers, a delicious hot Shabbat kiddush, two yeshivas, three summer camps and a huge gym. The congregation is led by the warm and friendly Rabbi Yehoshua Zelikovitz, his energetic wife Sarah and their young family.

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