New Sculpture in Brooklyn Asks: Yo or Oy?

11 Nov 2015

Tablet Magazine has the story:

Deborah Kass, a modern artist whose works often produce their meanings by re-imagining the style of Andy Warhol, for one, (also Gertrude Stein and Jackson Pollack) has created a huge, yellow, sculpture that reads “OY” when looking from Brooklyn into Manhattan, and “OY” when doing the opposite. It’s eight feet high, painted and made of aluminum. It will be on display until August. Kass told The New York Times that she hatched the idea from a painting she created in 2011, which itself was a play on Edward Ruscha’s “OOF” painting.

Of Kass’s approach, the director of the Andy Warhol Museum once said: “It’s not so much her attempting to become Warhol or Streisand or any other subject that appears in the work, but it’s how she as an individual identifies with them. As a lesbian Jewish artist from New York who is in love with Broadway and popular culture, she is thinking about artists of that background largely being steamrollered by the canon of art history—and making sure her voice is heard.”

Read more at Tablet Magazine.

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