Need Purim? Google it.

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21 Mar 2014

Logo_Google_2013_OfficialThe Times of Israel blog has a heartwarming post about how Google helped a dedicated community bring Purim to an ill child. Alon Meltzer writes that his shul, The Hebrew Institute of White Plains, an OU shul in Westchester, had wanted to do something special for Amy, a child battling cancer. While Amy couldn’t attend the Megillah reading, Meltzer, with the help of Google Glass, a community member who worked in Google and a robot, found a way to bring the Megillah and Purim carnival to her.

“What we did, and hopefully what can be repeated in other communities, was to engage technology in a way that helped unite the community, bring everyone together, and ensure that no one missed out,” he wrote. “We have the opportunity to create a synthesis between technology and our heritage that could draw people together for social, educational, and communal events – all we need now is the drive to make it happen.”

Read the full story here.

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