Mishpacha’s 10 Questions for All Daf’s Rabbi Moshe Schwed

20 Aug 2020

Why did you feel you needed supplemental material for Maseches Eiruvin?
This masechta is known to be challenging for many learners. The joke goes “Ba’ah Shabbos ba’ah menuchah”— the crowds that join daf yomi at the first masechta, Berachos, drop out at the second one, Maseches Shabbos, which is a more complicated gemara. But the truth is even more learners are intimidated by the complexity of Eiruvin. Unfortunately, many now consider quitting despite having stuck with Daf Yomi for eight months. But All Daf has your back, we’re producing a series called “Bringing Eiruvin to Life” so people can embrace the challenge of the gemara.

What’s your favorite presentation from the new material?
There are so many, I really can’t pick a favorite! Where should I start? We have video of Rabbi Chaim Jachter, a leader Eiruvin posek from Teaneck, pointing out all the particulars as he walks along the perimeter of a community eruv, including sources from the gemara and poskim. Rabbi Shlomo Francis and Rabbi Yonason Glenner from Chicago, coauthors of The Laws of Eruv, are preparing interactive shiurim using smartboard technology to portray the concepts of the gemara through a contemporary-style shiur. Users are excited to understand Eiruvin like never before, to learn it with clarity for the first time, as one of them told me.

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