Is Your Kidney O Positive or O Negative? You Can Save This Boy’s Life

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01 Aug 2012

We love Matthew. We would do anything for him, like all parents. But he needs something we cannot provide: an O Positive or O Negative kidney.

In February 2007, after his robust health declined abruptly, we learned that Matthew suffers from an aggressive form of IGA Nephropathy. It took just over a year for this disease to consume his kidneys.

In September 2008, a successful transplant was performed. Just four short years later, at the mere age of 25, his new kidney is failing. His doctors are out of options. He needs a new kidney now.

We created this site to reach out to anyone who might be able to help, like we reached out to friends and family. If you are O Positive or O Negative, and are willing to consider donating a kidney to our son, use this site to learn more about him, his condition and the process of kidney donation. An O+ or O- kidney will save Matthew’s life. If you can help, please contact us, or send an email to

With Love,
Dary & Robert
Matthew’s Mom & Dad


Does kidney donation sound frightening? Unrealistic? Like a job for someone else? Get inspired by Chaya Lipschutz and Rabbi Ari Sytner, two individuals who are now proud kidney donors–and life-savers.

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