A Dream Comes True on an Israeli Ship

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05 Mar 2014


Roey guiding the INS Jaffa.
Roey guiding the INS Jaffa.

The Israeli Defense Forces Blog has a story about how the IDF helped make a boy’s dream come true. Roey, a cancer patient at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, always glimpsed navy vessels sailing on the Mediterranean Sea outside his hospital window. His wish was to command one of those massive ships and when the Make-A-Wish foundation contacted the IDF to make it happen, the request made it all the way up to Maj. General Rom Rothberg, the Israel Navy Commander.

Shortly afterwards, Roey was taken on board the INS Jaffa, a Sa’ar 4.5 class missile boat. Over the course of the voyage, Roey managed to locate the window of his hospital room.

“It’s definitely much better to see the window from the sea than the other way around,” he said

Roey wore an Israel Navy uniform when he toured the ship.
Roey wore an Israel Navy uniform when he toured the ship.

At the culmination of the voyage, Roey received an Israel Navy pin, a dog tag and a certificate from the Israel Navy. One officer even gave him a gold necklace with an anchor pendent, symbolizing the Israeli navy.

The last word of the article is given to Roey’s father who told the sailors that he hopes his son will one day be in command of the ship.

We hope so too.

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