How to Make a Shiva Call

08 Jul 2015

downloadShiva calls are a part of the fabric of Jewish life. But how do you make a proper a shiva call? Who doesn’t recall that time when you visited someone in mourning and had nothing to say? Kveller posted this article about how to properly make shiva calls. Some points include not trying to cheer up the person in mourning and remembering that the visit isn’t about you and how you feel. Another important fact? Be concrete when you offer to help: ask the mourner if they want something specific, instead of a general “anything.”

This article is a must-read. Kudos to Kveller for publishing it. The article was written by Amanda Bradley in light of the tragic death of Henri Sueke z”l, Moshe ben Yaakov, “who died far too young and whose shiva is far too painful. ” May his memory be a blessing.

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