How Can You Help Solve the Tuition Crisis?

29 Apr 2021

The “tuition crisis.” It’s a well-worn phrase in every Modern Orthodox household with school-age children. It’s a regular topic in the pages of this newspaper, and in a 2017 survey of American Modern Orthodox Jews it was ranked as the most serious problem facing the Jewish community by a wide margin.

We all know that the financial burden of sending our children to Jewish day school is a major challenge. And we spend substantial time and emotional energy on collective handwringing and analysis of possible solutions. But there is something that each of us can do today to help improve this situation.

While the tuition crisis is a complex problem requiring a multi-pronged strategy, one of the most critical pillars of any solution is collective advocacy directed at our local, state and federal governments for increased public funding for our day schools. In New Jersey, we are fortunate to have a stellar organization whose mission it is to direct and organize this advocacy effort on our behalf: Teach NJ.

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