Help Our Yeshivas, Help Your Pocketbook

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04 Jun 2015

In just two weeks, one of the most crucial bills at the NY state level that can benefit our community will either be approved by our state legislators, or tossed to the side, as has been the case till now. The ‘Parental Choice in Education Act’, also known as the Education Tax Credit, was proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and is supported by many leaders in both the State Senate and Assembly.

If passed, the Education Tax Credit bill will provide a tax credit for individual and corporate donations made to public schools as well as not-for profit scholarship granting organizations. Even more important, the bill will provide $500 tax credits directly to low-income families (who earn below $60,000) who send their children to non-public school.

It is a rare occasion when both political parties in NY support a bill that would help our Yeshivas significantly. And they are doing so while facing tremendous pressure from the powerful teachers union (UFT).

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