My Experience of the Houston Flood by Rebbetzin Gabi Gelman

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I am originally from Belle Harbor, New York, and we moved to Houston 14 years ago so my husband could become the rabbi of an Orthodox shul here. There are about 50,000 Jews living in the Houston area.

This is the 3rd time our house has flooded. In 2015 we were living in a house we owned across the street from our shul, and there was a storm that flooded the shul, our house, as well as many others. We had about 3 feet of water in our house and lost all of our furniture and a lot of our possessions. We lived with our neighbors down the street for 3 months, and then in a rental apartment for a year.

During our time in the rental apartment, in April 2016, Houston flooded again and many people from our community got flooded a 2nd time . The house we had left also flooded then, but we had not returned to it, so it didn’t impact us much.

Now Hurricane Harvey has hit Houston and we are flooded again. Since our house had flooded twice already, we had decided not to return to it and bought a new house, one that historically had never flooded.

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