End of Elul, E-mail to God

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To the Exalted One, Creator of All Things, Rebono Shel Olam;

I am sending You my yearly E-Mail (Elokim Mail) to report on the state of Your people as perceived from my virtual world, which of course is quite different from what is perceived from Your real world.

There are two points I humbly wish to raise; but since You know my thoughts even before I, You know that they are in fact one.

It’s that time of year when Your children withdraw a bit from the distractions of this life in order to introspect on what we have or have not done properly this past year.

It is a time when seeing in the mirror a few more white hairs does more than just affect a shrug of the shoulders. It’s that time of year when we realize our frailty before the heavenly judgments, which will be meted out in a few short days. Who shall live in this world and who will be taken away to another dimension; who will rise and who will fall; who will smile and who will weep?

It is a time when life is not taken for granted, and the “I” of each person becomes the most essential thing for us who are insecure in the knowledge that our futures are being determined by forces over who we have no control.

But, Father in Heaven, there are people who, in addition to their pains and longings, are very much aware that You, the Judge of all things, are not exempt from pain. Of course, You put up an impressive show of strength and glory before the myriad of angels and other creatures ever present in the seven heavens. However, we know about that very secret room called “mistarin” into which You enter every day alone to cry for the glory of Am Yisrael and Your glory, which was lost to the gentiles; and of course, for the Bet Hamikdash which You had to destroy. Don’t be surprised that we know about Your secret room. In fact, it is right there in Masechet Chagigah 5a for all to see.

At this time, I have to confess to an ongoing sin, which I was unable to rid myself of until a little light of understanding flickered. How can I explain? After reflecting on the events of human history, I thought to myself that if anyone would run their business the way You run the world, he would be quickly bankrupt.

You created Adam and Chava and placed them in the most perfect setting imaginable, Gan Eden. Within the first three hours of their lives, they sinned, were sentenced to die and were driven out of Paradise. The next generation was even worse. Kayin killed his brother Hevel. Ten generations down the line, You destroyed all living things except for a small remnant enclosed in a floating pea pod.

Then You destroyed the five cultural centers of the world – Sedom, Amora and their sister cities.

Indeed, it took 1,948 years for the first person to be born – Avraham Avinu – who was capable of acknowledging You.

However, as time goes by, I realize Your infinite “business sense”. You made the “best deal” ever possible where You always win and never lose! The gentiles, starting from Adam, were never intended to be profit-making merchandise. The first 2000 years of history is the time it takes to set up a business when, traditionally, one always loses. The real “sechora” begins with Avraham and Sara. Since then, Your capital and interest have soared to heavenly heights.

No matter what You bring upon Your chosen people, Am Yisrael, we always come back for more. Our loyalty to You is not dependent on Your actions towards us. The destruction of two Temples, 2000 years of Galut, inquisitions, crusades, pogroms, concentration camps, world anti-Semitism, and more were never able to extinguish the flame. Who else is capable of making such a perfect business choice!?

On the one hand, I can understand Your need to retire to the “room” in anguish over our suffering, as expected from a parent whose children are not well. But, on the other hand, You have every reason to be proud of Your loyal children. They are the source of Your joy.

Just observe us at any given moment. We have returned to Your holy soil, from which the world was created. Your children in Eretz Yisrael cling to every available meter of land, building and restoring it to its former glory prior to it having been devastated by the now extinct Romans. Your children are bringing the voice of Torah to all parts of the land. I think it is safe to say that there have not been so many Yeshivot and Batei Knesset in the land since the time of Hillel and Shamai. The agricultural mitzvot of shmita, truma, ma’aser, etc., for which Your servant Moshe so much wanted to enter the land, have come alive.

The holy army – Tzahal – of the future Moshiach daily brings the call of Torah to the air and under the waves – places where they never were before. The brave soldiers of David HaMelech protect Your holy people as has never been done in the last 2000 years. From the youngest boys in boot camp up to the highest officers, they are all imbued with the feeling that they are Your messengers in establishing Your new-old kingdom in Yerushalayim and in all of Eretz Yisrael, from the River Prat to the “great river of Egypt”.

The knowledge that we are surrounded by hundreds of millions of enemies does not deter Your children from fulfilling Your wish that the Holy land be rebuilt as the spiritual center of the world.

In the fleeting second of my existence in this world, and the limitations You have imposed on my ability to comprehend, I can still discern the wondrous qualities of the people You have chosen.

Father in Heaven – You have every reason in the universe to be delighted with Your choice of the children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. We, in Eretz Yisrael, will be eternally loyal to You, no matter what You in Your infinite wisdom deem proper and necessary to mete out to us. If there are signs of weakness or frailty in parts of our nation, it can be blamed on the difficult nature of our existence and not on their desire to rebel against Your kingship.

We know that this coming year, will be critical for the history of Your world. Terrorism, Iran and Islam are, thank G-d, Your problems and not ours, because You have revealed to the prophets (Yoel 3:5 and Ovadya 1:17) that in Yerushalayim and Tzion “there shall be refuge”.

So this Rosh Hashana, when You open the books of our lives, remember what the gemara in Ketubot writes, “Whoever resides in Eretz Yisrael is in a state of non-sinning (sharui belo avon).”

While trying to be as impartial as possible, I can say in all frankness that You have every justification before the many prosecutors of Am Yisrael in the shamayim to:

Have a great Eternity,

Nachman, son of Harav Yechezkel Shraga Hakohen of Tzfat and Sarah Chana of D’vinsk, zichronam livracha.

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.