Donkey Kong, Secret Agent Man, and Reframing

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Donkey Kong
28 Sep 2017

Have you ever had days (weeks? months?) when you felt like your life had become a wearing, stumbling cha-cha of “two steps forward and one step back”?  (Or worse yet, one step forward and two steps back?)

When you felt like your every moment was a furious but futile attempt to scramble up the down escalator, in hope of arriving at a sustained position on higher ground?  When somehow it felt as though every careful, diligent effort you made was rewarded with unexpected and daunting setbacks and tribulations?

At times like these, perceiving and internalizing that Hashem loves us can be a great challenge.  If He loves me, how come it feels like nothing I do . . . works?  is supported?  How come my best efforts have been rewarded with loss, crisis, and what seems like a bed of hot coals?

Simply put, Why have You (seemingly) abandoned me??

“Keli, Keli, lamah azavtani?  Rachok mishuati, divrei sha’agati”

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