OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Cincinnati, OH

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22 Mar 2017

Back in 2005, when my husband – a native Cincinnatian– and I started dating, one of the first things my Brooklyn-born father said was: “There are Jews in Cincinnati?” Much to his surprise, Cincinnati is one of the oldest Jewish communities in America, dating back to 1817, and our Orthodox community here is strong and growing.

Find out more about Cincinnati at the OU Jewish Communities Fair on April 30

When it comes to Jewish life, things here are easy. Multiple grocery stores offer a plethora of kosher food options. The average tuition per child is under $10,000, and because of the location of our Orthodox community, most families receive state-funded tuition vouchers of $4,600 per child. Want to send your kids to overnight camp, or to study or travel in Israel, but the cost is just too much? Cincy Journeys – a project of our very generous Jewish Federation – helps every child attend overnight Jewish camp and every young adult travel and learn in Israel, giving them the skills, experience, and desire to become tomorrow’s community leaders. Per child, you can get up to $2,800 for camps, $6,500 for ages 16-18 towards travel to Israel, and $5,000 for ages 18-26 towards travel to Israel. Where else can you find a community so eager to help you provide for your children?

Sports fan? We’ve got MLB and NFL teams. Tickets along the first baseline behind the dugout at a Reds game are under $100. Typical Yankee tickets in the same location? $300+! Our state of the art JCC also offers Youth and Adult baseball, soccer and basketball leagues.

Theater fan? The Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati offers a wide array of spectacular shows including Broadway favorites. Cincinnati’s 2017-2018 Broadway Season will Include School of Rock, Waitress, Aladdin, and more!

Outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered too! Amusement parks, bike trails, hiking trails, lakes and more are all a short distance away.

But don’t just take my word for it – come and see for yourself! Our friendly and welcoming community is eager to have you!

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The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.