Edible Parsha Project: Parshat Vayetzei

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24 Nov 2014

Shabbat fun for children is given a fresh and tasty twist with Edible Parsha projects. These easy to create, hands-on treats are based within context of weekly Torah portion for children of all ages and stages.

Edible Parsha is a creation by Batya Jacob, director of the International Jewish Resource Center for Inclusion and Special Education, a division of Yachad/NJCD.

In this parsha, Yaakov runs away from his home to escape the anger of Yaakov.  He stops to rest and during the night dreams that there is a ladder from where he lays reaching to Heaven.  Angels are going up and down the ladder.   He takes 12 small stones for a pillow but when he awakens the stones have formed into one rock.

pretzel ladder

mini marshmallows

2 pretzel rods

10 pretzel sticks

12 mini marshmallows

1 large marshmallow

Gingerbread boy cookie

Cookies shaped as people (if desired)

Form the ladder with the two rods as the upper beams and the ten sticks as the steps.  Place the 12 mini marshmallows at the bottom. Place the gingerbread boy cookie with his head on the marshmallows.

You can replace the 12 mini with one large You can use the small people cookies on the ladder to represent the angels.

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