Edible Parsha Project: Parshat Vayera

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05 Nov 2014

Shabbat fun for children is given a fresh and tasty twist with Edible Parsha projects. These easy to create, hands-on treats are based within context of weekly Torah portion for children of all ages and stages.

Edible Parsha is a creation by Batya Jacob, director of the International Jewish Resource Center for Inclusion and Special Education, a division of Yachad/NJCD.

In this parsha, Avraham is asked to sacrifice his son Yitzchak to Hashem.

Project #1











Brown Licorice

Yellow and red licorice or fruit roll

Tooth picks

Animal cracker

Lay the red and yellow licorice or fruit roll on the bottom of the plate. Take four pieces of brown licorice, attaching with the toothpicks, to form the “tent.” Place an animal cracker on top.

Project #2








Two rectangle pieces of chocolate

Two pretzel sticks

Red licorice string

Animal cracker

Place the two pieces of chocolate side by side. Place the two pretzel sticks. Place some red licorice string to form the fire. Place the animal cracker on top.

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