Edible Parsha Project: Parshat Noach

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23 Oct 2014

Shabbat fun for children is given a fresh and tasty twist with Edible Parsha projects. These easy to create, hands-on treats are based within context of weekly Torah portion for children of all ages and stages.

Edible Parsha is a creation by Batya Jacob, director of the International Jewish Resource Center for Inclusion and Special Education, a division of Yachad/NJCD.

celery boat

Noah’s Ark #1

Animal crackers
Cream cheese

Cut the celery into 3 inch pieces. Fill the “boat” with cream cheese. Decorate with diced peppers for “food” Place an animal cracker on each ark.


Noah’s Ark# 2

Graham crackers
Pretzel sticks
Animal crackers
Taco shells

Form the ark by using half the cracker for the upper floor and three crackers for the lower floor. Make the roof by crossing the pretzel sticks Break the taco shells in half and form the water base. Line the animals across the bottom of the graham cracker and tops of the taco shells.

rainbow fruit

Edible Rainbow #1
Strawberries slices- red
Orange pieces-orange
Pineapple cubes-yellow
Kiwi berries sliced-green
Purple grapes-purple (indigo or violet)

Form the colors of the rainbow by making arc lines of the fruit in the order

rainbow cake

Edible Rainbow #2
M&Ms or jelly beans in the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Form the arc of the rainbow by lining up the colored M&Ms or jelly beans.
Form the base of the rainbow with the marshmallows.

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