Edible Parsha Project: Parshat Lech Lecha

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27 Oct 2014

Shabbat fun for children is given a fresh and tasty twist with Edible Parsha projects. These easy to create, hands-on treats are based within context of weekly Torah portion for children of all ages and stages.

Edible Parsha is a creation by Batya Jacob, director of the International Jewish Resource Center for Inclusion and Special Education, a division of Yachad/NJCD.

In this parsha, Avram is told to leave his father and idol worship and follow God to a new land and way of life.

Project #1







Construction paper

Whipped cream

Have the participants take off their shoes and socks.

Dip each foot in the whipped cream.

Make footmarks across the page.

This can be done as a class or group project as well. Use a large sheet of paper and have the children take turns making the foot prints.

Project #2







Construction paper


Markers or food coloring

Take a piece of construction paper and line it to look like a welcome mat.

Use the food coloring to write “Welcome” or “bruchim haba’im” (can use markers to make it easier).

Dip hands in the jam and make handprints to decorate.

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