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Sarah Rudolph

Sarah C. Rudolph is a Jewish educator and freelance writer. She has been sharing her passion for Jewish texts of all kinds for over 15 years, with students of all ages. Sarah's essays have been published in a variety of internet and print media, including Times of Israel, Kveller, Jewish Action, The Lehrhaus, TorahMusings, and more. Sarah lives in Cleveland with her husband and four children, but is privileged to learn online with students all over the world through www.TorahTutors.org and www.WebYeshiva.org She is also Editor-At-Large at Deracheha: womenandmitzvot.org.

My Three-Year-Old is My Role Model

October 23, 2018, by

Kids have a pretty solidly negative reputation when it comes to dealing with disappointment or delayed gratification. Not getting what one wants, or even having to wait for it is, I think it’s safe to say, one of the biggest challenges of childhood – and by extension, of parenthood. (Hey, we’re the ones who have

Just the Facts

October 15, 2018, by

Social media is an interesting place. Ok, done; that’s all I wanted to say. Just kidding. I’m often intrigued to see how discussions go on Facebook, where it’s so easy to share perspectives on anything with a click of a button. Many people consistently offer consistent opinions on whatever topics matter to them, whether it’s

What Will You Contribute to the World?

October 8, 2018, by

Several weeks ago, I wrote about some of my struggles in attempting to balance shul-going with bearing, birthing, and/or caring for young children. I received feedback from, and was thrilled to engage in some wonderful, thoughtful discussions with, several readers who suggested that if only today’s mothers would accept the maternal role G-d gave us,

Starting Over as Our Own Judges and Advocates

October 3, 2018, by

Not long ago, I was writing to a friend, sharing my embarrassment about an article I’d published that I thought could have been better – when I was interrupted by a rare phone call from another friend, who had been touched by that very article and wanted to discuss the topic further. Two days later,

Women, Kids – and Men! – in Shul on Simchas Torah

September 20, 2018, by

Recently, I wrote about parents bringing kids to shul and trying to navigate the interplay of their own needs, their kids’ needs, and the needs of those around them. Predictably, reactions varied widely, ranging from “Yes! I relate to this so much! Every word!” to polite but firmly worded expositions on the reasons not to

Everything Matters

September 12, 2018, by

Learning halacha can be tricky, as it often seems to devolve into a complicated laundry list of “do this” and “don’t do that.” If we haven’t studied the background in depth, some of the details can seem kind of weird. Does it really matter how many handbreadths wide my sukkah is or how low my

Parenthood, the Holidays and Community

September 3, 2018, by

It all started on Rosh Hashana 13 years ago. It had previously been my practice to stand for chazaras hashatz and Torah reading, but that year I was three months pregnant and trying to navigate, for the first time, the intersection of my identity as a Jew with my identity as a Jewish mother. I

Beyond the Letter of Judgment Day

August 28, 2018, by

Somehow, this time of year – the lead-up to Yom Hadin – often makes me think not only about Heavenly judgment, but about humans who judge each other. Maybe it’s just the word “judgment”; maybe it’s coming off of the Three Weeks, when we talk so much about sinat chinam; maybe it’s the necessity of

Building Muscles, One Rashi at a Time

August 15, 2018, by

Despite years of really trying to maintain a minimal but fairly steady exercise regimen, I’m still extraordinarily weak. This became painfully clear in recent months when I began experiencing – again – a lot of knee pain and was sent – again – to physical therapy. Not my first rodeo. (It’s a figure of speech;

Obligation and Opportunity – in Elul and Beyond

August 7, 2018, by

One of my very favorite passages in Ramban’s writings (not that I’ve read them all) is one that everyone seems to misquote. It was explained to me when I first learned the laws of prayer, and many times since, that Rambam believes there is a biblical commandment to pray daily, although the specific text and