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Sarah Rudolph

Sarah C. Rudolph is a Jewish educator and freelance writer. She has been sharing her passion for Jewish texts of all kinds for over 15 years, with students of all ages. Sarah's essays have been published in a variety of internet and print media, including Times of Israel, Kveller, Jewish Action, The Lehrhaus, TorahMusings, and more. Sarah lives in Cleveland with her husband and four children, but is privileged to learn online with students all over the world through www.TorahTutors.org and www.WebYeshiva.org She is also Editor-At-Large at Deracheha: womenandmitzvot.org.

Words Matter

May 14, 2019, by

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who will say “It’s 12:37” and those who will round the time to 12:40 or even to 12:30. Often, the latter approach is fine. In many contexts, a few minutes – three, or even seven – won’t make a big difference. But I could never

Love and Hate for Our Fellow Jews

May 8, 2019, by

One of the most famous teachings in Pirkei Avot is Hillel’s admonition (1:12) to “be of the students of Aharon, loving peace and pursuing peace.” Sometimes we remember that’s not the end of the statement, and include “loving people” in our quotation – but I’m not sure how often we remember the end, “and bringing

Pride and Fear as a Jew in America, 2019

May 1, 2019, by

My first memory of being out and about as recognizably Jewish, different from those around me, is from my early days in day camp. The camp was run by the Jewish Community Center but the clientele was diverse, and I was very conscious of being the only kid – or some years, one of very

Take That Step

April 16, 2019, by

In deriving meaning from Torah, the most innocent-looking words can pack a big punch. Just think about how Nachum ish gam zu was able to find significance in the word “et” (Chagigah 12a). A beginning Hebrew student might be taught not to translate this word, that it carries no real meaning – yet if we

Egypt in Contrast

April 10, 2019, by

Often, it’s not really a good idea to inspire through contrast. For instance, “Oy, your older brother gives me such trouble; don’t be like him!” is probably not the best way to instill positive values and behavior. Another great example can be found in the old Berenstain Bears books, in which Papa Bear was portrayed

Pesach is Coming! What Message are We Sending?

March 27, 2019, by

One of the scariest aspects of parenthood is the realization that we can never be sure what messages we’re sending our kids. We might make sure to have Conversations, we might consider what want to impart to them. But however much thought we put into it – communication is a two-way street, and it isn’t

Freezing in Crisis

March 13, 2019, by

I once got a call from a friend whose husband had just been in an accident. Her preschool-aged son, around the same age as my daughter (I had two kids at the time), had a friend over and she wanted to bring them both to my house so she could join her husband at the

Finding Confidence – Or Doing Without

March 4, 2019, by

An internet search of the phrase “self-confidence” produces pages and pages of results, and they seem to basically all be articles about raising low self-esteem. Not until the third page did I find a title that seemed to be about high self-esteem – and even that turned out to be misleading: The section titled “Range

Purim Do’s and Don’ts

February 25, 2019, by

Purim has always been my favorite holiday. (While we have not yet welcomed the month with Purim, it is Adar. If I can already be thinking about how to use up a Costco box of crackers before Pesach, we can all certainly be thinking about Purim – especially in areas that might take some planning.)