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Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz is Torah Content Editor at the Orthodox Union. He is the author of six books, including The Tzniyus Book and The Taryag Companion. His latest work, The God Book, is available from OU Press as well as on Amazon.

What’s the Matter with Kids Today?

March 12, 2019, by

Remember the musical Bye Bye Birdie? In it, Paul Lynde sings this famous refrain: Kids! I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today! Kids! Who can understand anything they say? Kids! They are disobedient, disrespectful oafs – Noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy loafers! And while we’re on the subject, Kids! You can talk and talk

Leaving Behind Our Spiritual DNA

March 4, 2019, by

I’m hesitant to springboard an article using something I read in Reader’s Digest but I always like to start at the beginning. My hesitancy to cite Reader’s Digest comes from my own prejudices about the magazine, based on the assumption that its readership is primarily women of a certain age, which I am not. (My wife

God on Your TV

February 26, 2019, by

A few months ago, a colleague suggested a television program called The Good Place, a highly-rated show that follows the adventures of a group of friends in the afterlife. My colleague thought that not only would I enjoy the show, it might make a good subject for an article. While my wife and I really

Righteous Indignation

February 4, 2019, by

Did you ever notice that some authority figures really don’t like it when lay people question them? I remember the following incident quite clearly: I was in college in nineteen-eighty-something, before the era of smartphones, GPS or even MapQuest. When we wanted directions in those days, we had to ask someone. At the time, I

Not the Enemy

January 30, 2019, by

In addition to the insightful, entertaining and, quite frankly, brilliant articles that I contribute to OU Life, I am also a regular contributor to the web site Jew in the City. Generally speaking, my offerings there consist of questions that have been submitted by readers and my responses, fleshed out to longer-than-average length. (I answer

Context is Everything

January 23, 2019, by

Actor Chris Pratt has jumped on the “Daniel fast” bandwagon, thrusting it into media spotlight. The “Daniel fast,” for those who may not know, involves eating only things that grow from seeds, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. People undertaking this diet avoid meat, dairy, sugar, fat, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. Inspiration for this

“What Are You, Crazy?” Changing the Way We Speak

January 15, 2019, by

I used to work for an organization that was composed of some of the most creative individuals you could ever hope to find. The down side was that, when we had a staff conference, trying to get them all where they were supposed to be was like trying to herd cats. When I lamented the

In the News: The Doctor Who Threatened to Poison Jews

January 7, 2019, by

It’s probably the most appalling story of the year (so far. The year is young, so give it time!). Dr. Lara Kollab, a resident at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, was fired after a tweet was revealed saying that she would give Jews the wrong medications. Kollab had worked in the internal medicine program since July

Almost Cut My Hair

December 25, 2018, by

(With apologies to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) Andrew Johnson, a high school wrestler at Buena Regional High School in New Jersey, was told that he could not compete at a December 19 meet in Atlantic County with his dreadlocks. Johnson was wearing his usual headgear and covering, but the referee said it was not

Search Engine vol. 2: Jewish Leadership

December 19, 2018, by

Search Engine: Finding Meaning in Jewish Texts Volume 2: Jewish Leadership Rabbi Gil Student Kodesh Press, 2018 368 pages Occasionally, I am asked to review books for this web site and I decline on the basis that we do not typically review books here. This review is the extremely rare exception that proves the rule.