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Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz is Torah Content Editor at the Orthodox Union. He is the author of six books, including The Tzniyus Book and The Taryag Companion. His latest work, The God Book, is available from OU Press as well as on Amazon.

The Memorial Prayer Service: Yizkor

October 2, 2011, by

Yizkor is the memorial service recited for deceased parents and other relatives at several points throughout the year. The name of the prayer means “May He remember” (“He” being God and “Yizkor” being the first word of the prayer). Not only do many who recite the prayer find it to be a moving, emotional experience,

Pulling an All-Nighter

June 1, 2011, by

The scene is familiar. An auditorium or hall is stuffed full of bodies hunched over books. In the corner, there’s a table bearing snacks and caffeinated beverages. It could be any pre-finals study session in any college in the world but it isn’t. You’ve stumbled into a synagogue on the night of Shavuot, when the

What About the Boys?

May 18, 2011, by

A recent article of mine (“The Real Power of Dress“) discussed the illusory power of girls’ clothing and the real strength we can teach our daughters. Commentary was generally favorable but one reader’s question really caught my eye. “What about the boys?” she asked. This is an incredibly valid question and it cuts to the

The Real Power of Dress

March 30, 2011, by

An article that recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal (Why Do We Let Them Dress Like That?) made me sprain my neck from all the vigorous nodding I was doing in agreement. In the piece, author Jennifer Moses lamented that so many of her generation permit their teenage and pre-teen daughters to dress –