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Ariela Davis

The Shochet’s Family Returns

January 11, 2018, by

He was a shochet (kosher butcher) in Brisk. When Abe Kirshtein left Europe for Charleston in the 1920’s, he figured he would continue in his line of work. After all, a shochet can’t have a better resume than getting kabbalah (certification) from Rav Chaim Soloveitchik. But when he arrived in Charleston, there was already a shochet in

A Wedding Not to Be Missed

January 11, 2018, by

For 10 years, I prayed for the same thing everyday. When you’re married with children and one of your closest friends is still single, every simcha you are blessed with feels incomplete as you wonder, when will it be her turn to have these blessings in her life? My friend is an accomplished woman; professionally

When it’s not Winter Break for Imma

December 28, 2017, by

It’s winter break. For some, that means heading down to Disney or Miami, to Israel or to the ski slopes. But it’s hard for my husband to get away for so long and a two-week long vacation is an expense we can’t afford, so every year, we go away for a few days and spend

Presence for Chanuka

December 14, 2017, by

It’s the conversation piece in every classroom: “So, what did you get for Chanuka?” Some families give large gifts, some give small ones, some give one gift for each night of Chanuka, some give one for the Chag. Whatever the case, it seems like it has become the custom for many families to give gifts

Recognition of Jerusalem: Momentous Occasion or Not?

December 7, 2017, by

It was the top news on CNN and The New York Times. And everywhere else, really. President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Of course, equally front and center were the dire predictions. Before Trump had even made his statement, many news sources, as

The Charleston Lach

November 30, 2017, by

This article first appeared in Ami Magazine Charleston, South Carolina is a small Southern city renowned for its history, charm and beauty. Tourists flock to tour this famous place where the first shot was fired in the Civil War, where the architecture is a display of grace and Southern charm, the beaches are pristine and

Should I Push My Kids to Daven?

November 16, 2017, by

It’s Sunday morning and I am engaging in the same internal battle that many frum parents experience: It’s the one “day off” of the week. Whereas every day, I need to wrest my kids’ soft cheeks from their cozy sleeping state and urge everyone to get dressed quickly before we make our mad dash out

Teaching our Children to Anticipate Israel

November 9, 2017, by

A friend of mine recently shared the following story from his daughter’s Jewish preschool. Before the start of school, his child’s teacher requested the parents send in a picture of their child on a family trip to Israel to use for the class bulletin board. My friend was very upset. At first, I couldn’t understand

When Parents Have a Bad Day

November 2, 2017, by

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Call it bad karma or say that G-d has a sense of humor; whatever the cause, we all have them, and what we’ve learned from Alexander, is that they even have them in Australia. The kind of day that starts off when your kids are moving like sloths

The Shabbos Project: When One Candle Inspires Another

October 26, 2017, by

The Shabbos Project. Ever since I saw the video about how the South African Jewish community, most of whom are not observant, came together to try out a Shabbos, I’ve been gripped by the idea. The pictures of hundreds of Jewish women baking challah on the streets of Johannesburg and the thousands that attended the