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Ariela Davis

Craving Quiet; Quitting Facebook

August 16, 2018, by

I used to say that I lived on the Cross Bronx Expressway. For the first year and a half of my married life, I commuted from Washington Heights to the Five Towns and although without traffic the ride is an easy 45 minutes, most of the time, the trip home took closer to two hours.

When Nothing Feels Missing: How Do We Make Tisha B’Av Personal?

July 16, 2018, by

Yom Kippur is my favorite day of the year (I know, I’m weird). The intensity, the single-minded focus that spending the day davening in shul allows, the steps of teshuva and self improvement which are spelled out already from Elul; all contribute to allowing me to leave the day feeling cleansed and spiritual. I literally

Shiva Call Anxiety

July 10, 2018, by

My friend’s father passed away recently. She is an incredibly outgoing and well-loved person who is approachable and easy to talk to and despite this, some expressed discomfort in reaching out. Both in my role as Rebbetzin and unfortunately in the cases of when my friends and husband lost a parent, I’ve seen many such

Rifts for a Reason: When We’re Too Hurt to Forgive

July 5, 2018, by

A friend told me this week that she plans to sever her relationship with her sister, a relationship which she feels has become toxic. While I understand why she is taking this course of action and don’t know that she’s wrong, the conversation left a pang. Maybe because I’ve seen, both in personal relationships and

Slouch of a Husband

June 25, 2018, by

Two weeks ago, the man who was reading the announcements at the shul we were visiting decided to have some fun: As he read through the various upcoming classes, he announced an upcoming women’s Seudah Shlishit with a well-known speaker who would speak about the following topic: “How to effect positive change in your slouch

It’s Hard to Be Wrong; It’s Even Harder to Admit It

June 13, 2018, by

  Accountability for our own actions is a concept not really discussed in today’s world. But it’s the key to stopping an endless downward spiral to disaster. Ariela Davis is the Director of Judaics at Addlestone Hebrew Academy and the Rebbetzin of Brith Sholom Beth Israel, the historic shul of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. She

The Kate Middleton Effect

June 5, 2018, by

Search for Kate Middleton (despite the fact that this hasn’t been her name in 7 years) and you will find 27,800,000 queries on google. For some reason, there is tremendous public interest in the wife of Prince William. Is it because she will one day be the Queen (Consort) of England? Or is it because

The Janitor, the Rosh Yeshiva and a Lesson in Appreciation

May 31, 2018, by

There is a piece of marriage advice that was shared during one of the many kallah-training courses I took, that has always stuck with me (although I can’t say I always implement it with aplomb): A renowned Rosh Yeshiva, who spends his day full of acclaim for his brilliance but comes home to a screaming

United as Two

May 16, 2018, by

They were as different politically as two people could be.   They both came to shul each week, Stuart dressed in a dapper suit and bowtie, Andrew, in casual clothes. Stuart was robust and full of energy and opinions, which he liked to share in person and on Facebook with the most irreverent, colorful language,