PHOTO ESSAY: Visit to the Matzah Bakery

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Charedim Matzah Bakery, Boro Park
17 Mar 2010
Arts & Media

The hand matzah you’ll eat the nights of the seder could have come from any one of a number of bakeries, but if it came from the Charedim Matzah Bakery in Boro Park, then take a look at the exact story of its creation. The photo essay Visit to the Matzah Bakery shows you the sequence of steps that go into making this $20/lb Passover delicacy.

Photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris visited the Charedim factory where the air is filled with the smells of baked matzah, even burnt matzah, and a quick pace of activity and chores mingles with the sounds of a number of languages: English, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Russian.

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