A Tale of Two Seders: The Pandemic Passover 2.0

24 Mar 2021

This Passover presents a critical opportunity for us to bridge the strength of home and the power of community.

Passover 2020 was a time for scrapping elaborate plans, cancelling family get-togethers and figuring out how to make the holiday yourself without the requisite Passover utensils or even being able to enter a food store. We hardly understood the disease (are masks good or bad?), had not heard of the “bubble”, and had no real idea how radically different the coming year would be. We were bewildered and fearful, and we hunkered down at home.

The lockdown would last far beyond Passover, but while fear lurked outside, we were able to unearth the treasure present within our homes. Though the solitude and Zoom school would surely take their toll on many, others were able to find a silver lining as home life was reclaimed and people were able to reset and elevate their closest relationships when communal life and traveling to work were put on hold.

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The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.