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Judah S. Harris

Judah S. Harris is a photographer, filmmaker, speaker and writer. He photographs family celebrations and a wide range of corporate, organizational and editorial projects in the US, Israel and other countries. Judah's photography has appeared in museum exhibits, on the Op-Ed Pages of the NY Times, on the covers of more than 40 novels, and in advertising all over the world. His work can be seen in a frequent email newsletter that circulates to thousands of readers who repeatedly praise the quality of Judah's photography and writing.

Black and White, or Color?

May 24, 2011, by

As photojournalistic wedding photography becomes an increasingly popular choice, photographer Judah S. Harris shares his personal approach and explains how couples can explore a more artistic rendition of their special day. “Black & White or color?” That’s a question I ask couples when meeting with them to discuss my photographing their wedding. For some the

Kosher Food & Wine Experience 2011

April 6, 2011, by

Please note: Judah S. Harris is a freelance photographer and journalist. The Orthodox Union makes no endorsements or representations regarding kashrut certification of various products/vendors referred to in his articles, blog, or web site. Sometimes it’s better to eat alone, but the evening of Tuesday, February 22, wasn’t one of those times. That night was

Gaining Our Freedom Each and Every Year: A Pesach Message

March 25, 2010, by

”In each and every generation” – and in fact every single year – we are obligated to see ourselves as having personally left the slavery of Egypt, no doubt an educational and experiential tool designed to fully sensitize us to the meaning of the holiday! Or, perhaps, do each one of us in some literal

PHOTO ESSAY: Visit to the Matzah Bakery

March 17, 2010, by

The hand matzah you’ll eat the nights of the seder could have come from any one of a number of bakeries, but if it came from the Charedim Matzah Bakery in Boro Park, then take a look at the exact story of its creation. The photo essay Visit to the Matzah Bakery shows you the

PHOTO ESSAY: The Jewish Day School Experience

March 11, 2010, by

PHOTO ESSAY: The Jewish Day School Experience “The Jewish Day School Experience” is a recently published photo essay, featuring more than 85 color photographs by photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris. The series can be viewed online as a slide show and provides a close-up and personal look at contemporary Jewish education in a day

PHOTO ESSAY: Judah S. Harris Israel Photographs 1983-2008

April 15, 2009, by

“It was in Israel that I discovered photography. I had discovered aspects of it at age 13 back in the US, acquiring a Super 8 movie camera with some of my bar mitzvah money, but during my year abroad I experienced a new place. I had brought with me a Yashica 5-Star, a point-and-shoot camera