PHOTO ESSAY: The Jewish Day School Experience

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Jewish Day School Experience
11 Mar 2010
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PHOTO ESSAY: The Jewish Day School Experience

“The Jewish Day School Experience” is a recently published photo essay, featuring more than 85 color photographs by photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris. The series can be viewed online as a slide show and provides a close-up and personal look at contemporary Jewish education in a day school setting, with a special emphasis on the early-childhood years.

If you’ve ever attended a Jewish day school, sent your children to one, or worked in this environment, the scenes will be familiar. Through compelling photography, viewers will often feel as if they’re right there in the classroom with the students and teachers (be sure to watch the slide show in full screen mode).

Take a seat, put your lunch and books in your desk, and join The Jewish Day School Experience!

Photo Essay: The Jewish Day School Experience

Judah S. Harris is a photographer, filmmaker, speaker, and writer. His work has appeared in museum exhibits, on the Op-Ed Pages of the NY Times, on the covers of more than 40 novels, and in advertising all over the world. Sign up for Judah’s email newsletter to receive updates on new essays and visual projects.

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