Join us for our Summer Lunch Break Parenting Webinar – Wed., July 6

30 Jun 2016

School is out! It is so much fun; I still remember that feeling of relief and unmitigated joy on the last day of school. I am so happy for my kids, but I also know that it is a lot more work for parents.

It is in the summer time that we need to deal with a lack of schedule and routine. Kids tend to have a lot more temper tantrums because they are tired; no one is going to sleep on time. Many kids seem to whine a lot more in the summer. Aren’t we all a little cranky from hot days in the sun? Children are often bored and looking for activities to do. Then there is all that family together time. This is a breeding ground for siblings to fight, tease, and just drive each other crazy.

It’s no wonder that parents are often frustrated, annoyed and tired July-August. We want to also enjoy the summer and recapture those joyful feelings of our childhood. We also want to make sure that our kids have a great vacation, so that they will have good memories of their own.

In our lunch break webinar coming up on July 6, “School’s Out: Family Friendly Lessons To Learn” we have great ideas on how to help parents manage the lazy, days of summer.

We will discuss how to:

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