97-year-old Holocaust survivor tells German children about the Holocaust

04 May 2016

From YNet:

Just before Holocaust Memorial Day, 97-year-old survivor Betty Bausch has again packed her suitcase and travelled to tell young Germans of the harm that their nation inflicted decades before they were born. In recent years, this has become her life’s work.

Every time that Bausch finishes describing her family’s travails in the Holocaust and asks for audience questions, the room is filled with a tense silence that eventually becomes an honest, if painful, conversation between a survivor of the inferno and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the those who committed the atrocities.

The purpose of these talks is not to preach morality or to cast blame on those who only know of the Nazi regime from history books. Rather, it is to transfer an optimistic message of hope and faith in humanity, and in applying lessons to today’s world to eradicate the racism and xenophobia that exist today in every society.

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