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Dr. Henry Abramson

Dr. Abramson serves as a Dean of Touro College at Lander College of Arts and Sciences and Machon L'Parnasa Institute of Professional Studies. The author of eight books and many scholarly articles, Dr. Abramson has held visiting appointments and post-doctoral fellowships at Cornell, Harvard, Oxford and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His online lectures in Jewish history are viewed by 3,000 people daily at henryabramson.com.

A Rosh Yeshiva Wrote a Novel Under a Pseudonym. It’s Pretty Good.

September 24, 2019, by

In the highly-polarized environment of contemporary Jewish culture, it’s easier to imagine a rosh yeshiva banning fiction than writing it. Imagine my surprise when I received a copy of The Idiom and the Oddity, a lightly veiled Bildungsroman that describes how this internationally recognized Haredi religious authority came to Orthodox observance.  He’s hidden his public

Meet the Non-Jew Who Made Daf Yomi Possible

July 17, 2019, by

On Shabbat, Parashat Balak, July 20, Jews all over the world will be one step closer to completing the thirteenth cycle of the Babylonian Talmud by completing tractate Erchin in the Daf Yomi cycle. We are all familiar with Rabbi Meir Shapiro, who initiated this worldwide phenomenon–but does anyone ever think of Daniel Bomberg, the

How the Soviets Tried to Eliminate Passover

April 4, 2017, by

One of the most unusual episodes in the long history of anti-Semitic persecution is the Soviet anti-Jewish campaign of the 1920s. Utilizing formerly Jewish converts to the new secular messianism known as Communism, under the leadership of a former Rabbi, Shimon Dimanshteyn, the Soviets embarked on a bizarre yet creative program of anti-Jewish propaganda. Read