Sangria Recipe

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I was chef at our synagogue’s fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, and I’m told I came up with a good and inexpensive Kosher sangria.

The sangria at our synagogue’s Purim meal, was just OK, with the sangria preparers using standard sangria recipes calling for sugar added to dry wine. For Purim we bought good Kosher wine in the mid to high teen dollar cost range — and added sugar and juice to it, as recipes call for. And it was just OK – with few coming back for seconds and a number of ½ full glasses of sangria to toss after the event.

I thought I might be able to do better and cheaper using Manischewitz without adding more sugar. I tried a number of different concoctions and had the fundraising committee and others taste test and tell me what they thought. We agreed on the recipe below. So popular was our sangria recipe that attendees poured what remained in the punch bowls back into empty bottles to take home.


4 servings


To Add to Punchbowl:

Chill and enjoy.

Adjust amounts according to need.

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