Overnight Potato Kugel

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04 Sep 2015
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Norene Gilletz, OUcooking.org Columnist – The Flavor of Memory says:

I spoke to my friend Helene Medjuck and we got into a very lengthy discussion on the various ways to make an overnight potato kugel. The recipe follows below, along with her adjustments. Helene adapted the recipe from the potato kugel that’s in Second Helpings Please published by Mount Sinai Chapter, JWI, Montreal.

Helene told me she prepares her potato kugel early Friday morning and bakes it uncovered for an hour. Then she covers it with foil, lowers the oven temperature and leaves it in the oven all day. Helene says, “It’s not technically an overnight kugel, but there’s no reason you couldn’t bake it overnight since it’s in the oven for 8 to 10 hours anyways. One of my children loves the crusty outside while another prefers the soft, gooey middle. Using a deeper casserole prevents the kugel from becoming like a brick!”

The amount of oil and eggs used in kugels can vary, depending on the family traditions. Helene usually omits the oil, uses 8 potatoes to make a higher kugel because of the longer baking time, and only uses 2 eggs. Some kugel recipes we checked out call for 3 to 4 Tbsp oil or even as much as 1/2 cup, and as many as 5 eggs. “Everybody has their own favorite kugel recipe, probably depending on how their mother made it.”

Helene also sent me this link to the Edge Brownie Pan that many people are apparently using for their potato kugels (although she hasn’t tried it yet). There are two crusty corners on every serving and the pan is nonstick. Check out http://bakersedge.com/

Overnight Potato Kugel:



  1. Grate potatoes and drain well. Place in a large bowl along with onion, flour, eggs and seasoning
  2. Mix well
  3. Heat oil in a casserole in a 400°F oven (or spray the pan with nonstick spray)
  4. Pour in batter and sprinkle a little oil on top (Helene also sprays the top)
  5. Bake for 1 hour, until nicely browned
  6. Helene then covers it well with foil, reduces the oven temperature to 250 F (although you could even reduce it to 200°F) and bakes it all day. Her family enjoys it erev Shabbat!


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