Passover Recipe Roundup

12 Apr 2016

Pesach recipes are everywhere you look. Facebook alone abounds in groups dedicated to Passover recipes. We searched through some of our favorite food blogs for some easy treats this Pesach.

Here’s a sample menu we put together for some chol hamoed dining delights.

Charoset Smoothie (Dairy)

Amy Kritzer of What Jew Wanna Eat gives a twist to these seder leftovers.





Cheesy Vegetable Quiche with Potato Pancake Crust (Dairy)

Quiche 1web
Potato pancake + cheesy quiche = one amazing recipe by chef Alison Gütwaks of AliBabka.






Baked Almond Crusted Zucchini Fries (Pareve)


Miriam Pascal, the force behind Overtime Cook, offers a low-carb, gluten-free and tasty kosher for Passover side.

Note: the use of dill requires certification.







Pistachio, Honey and Sea Salt Matzo (Pareve)

Martha Stewart hits the jackpot with this sweet, salty and nutty confection.







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