Full-Bodied Pareve Vegetable Soup

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23 Feb 2007

If you really want to go all out, here is what I do at home:

I buy all the different types of veggies I like (throw in a few potatoes as well) and chop them up into cube size pieces. Next, I lightly saute’ a couple of chopped onions in a soup pot with a minimal amount of oil. Once they start to brown slightly, I add all the other vegies and continue to saute on a low flame until they start to release their juices. Next I add enough water to cover, about two inches above the veggies. Next, once the veggies are almost done, I add all kinds of spices (of course only the ones I like including lots of garlic) and simmer until they are soft. Add a little pareve Soup Beef Base for added richness. Let cool a little and remove some of the veggies and Puree’ in a few processor until creamy. Add this back into the soup. Cook a little longer. Recheck for flavor and there you have it. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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