Victory for Bread-Lovers: Bimbo Bakeries USA Confirms Kosher Re-Certification

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24 Jan 2019

Kosher consumers were concerned by the news last month that Bimbo Bakeries USA, the largest producer of bread in the United States, with product lines such as Arnold’s and Sara Lee, was going to lose their kosher certification. The company’s initial decision was based on internal efficiency and production concerns. Many of the breads they produce are dairy, and therefore not kosher certified. Continuing to isolate their parve bread lines became increasingly difficult.

But, as JNS reported yesterday, after productive discussions with OU Kosher and others, Bimbo Bakeries USA heard the concerns of their customers and decided to once again offer kosher parve products on certain lines.

Said OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack: “We commend Bimbo Bakeries USA for their decision. The company heard the feedback from their loyal customer base and, to their credit, were sensitive to that request, reevaluated their decision and have agreed to maintain bread lines that are certified kosher parve. This is particularly good news for those living in areas with little access to kosher-certified foods.”

Read the full article on JNS.

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