Summer Sauce, Summer Not

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Frittata Basquaise
28 Aug 2008

[singing, sort of like Lerner & Loewe] “WHAT a DAY this has been, NOT rare this mood I’m in. . . why it’s almost like. . . ” like . . .

[coming back to Earth for a crash landing] like the usual it’s- time- to- cook- dinner- and- it’s- gotta- be- done- quickly and the cupboard’s almost bare. Just some canned tuna, and some veggies I picked up a few days ago. It’s summer, so tomatoes and bell peppers are on sale. I was thinking of pepper steaks and a tomato salad, but–no steak.

Ah well. It is what it is, and that’s that with that. I digress.

So here’s what we have–“Basque Sauce,” a trad mixture from the Pyrenees, full of fresh vegetable flavor, aromatic olive oil, and spiced with paprika (what the Basque and Spanish folk call “pimentón”) and a li’l kick of cayenne. This can be used many ways, and lissen up, here’s some of ’em for three one-dish recipes.

You can prepare it with canned tuna for a quick, nutritious (3 of the required “seven colors a day”) family meal. You can make it as a savory infused chicken for a company dinner. Even use as an omelet filling, or just poach eggs in the simmering sauce and served on a toasted English muffin. For a different Sunday brunch with eggs and potatoes, or a breakfast-for-dinner, I’ve lightened up the Spanish “tortilla” or potato-and-egg “cake” and turned it into a frittata, using fewer eggs, and the teensy new red potatoes instead of the heavier sliced russets.

It should keep in the fridge for a few days, so just make it when you have a chance and reheat later or since it freezes well, why not make a double batch with just a little extra slicing and freeze one for later?

That will also save time later for those of us cruising in the fast lane with busy professional, social, and family lives.

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