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Brian Mailman

Lean Cuisine

August 27, 2015, by

There’s Four Questions. Pick a question, any question… see if you can find it again! Actually, I was hoping you’d pick the fourth of these parables: 4. Why is this night different from all other nights? For on all other nights, we eat either sitting straight or leaning; But tonight we are required to lean!

Cunning General, Hidden Empress

March 3, 2009, by

Purim, and disguise the limit! Tradition has us featuring costumes relating to the characters named in the Megillah (The, ummm… err… extensive and quite thorough… story of Purim) as hiding the truth inside an inapt metaphor is part of the holiday theme . What’s it all about, then? We read in Devarim 31: “…And I

Pleasant Pheasant

November 20, 2008, by

It’s November now and the air is crisp, the leaves are turned, and hunting season has begun. Oh, what fun. Oh, yeah. I can hardly wait. Getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning, donning all that rubber gear that might get you arrested under different circumstances, driving to the swamps of Chelm to sit

Summer Sauce, Summer Not

August 28, 2008, by

[singing, sort of like Lerner & Loewe] “WHAT a DAY this has been, NOT rare this mood I’m in. . . why it’s almost like. . . ” like . . . [coming back to Earth for a crash landing] like the usual it’s- time- to- cook- dinner- and- it’s- gotta- be- done- quickly and