Omega 3, O-mega Delicious

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Omega 3

Much has been written of late on the health benefits of incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Good for the heart, blood pressure and anxiety among other things, Omega 3 is found first and foremost in fish oils. Salmon is perhaps one of the most famous (and delicious) sources. Below is a salmon recipe, rich in Omega-3 and great taste. With its unique and wonderful marinade, the dish is definitely memorable. I came up with the recipe about 18 months ago and featured it as a ‘special’ in my restaurant, Back to Nature. I still have customers coming back and asking for the dish!

Though rich in Omega-3, fish is not the only source for this nutrient, Flaxseed (and the linseed oil it produces) are also an excellent source of Omega-3. So why not make carrot cupcakes that are healthy as well as delicious?

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