Becoming Freezer-Friendly Savvy

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03 Jun 2015

Not getting a chance to eat through all those vegetables you bought at the supermarket? Put them in the freezer, they’ll still be good (after defrosting) for almost a year.

Fruit are another food that survives well in the freezer. Just how well? Citrus fruits can be left frozen for up to three months and other fruits can last almost a year.

The Huffington Post has this interesting infograph on frozen foods, including how long items like seafood, soups and meats will last. Print out the chart to make sure you keep your foods fresh and safe.

However, the infograph does contain some disappointing news: unbaked bread will only remain good for a month in the freezer — so don’t forget about that batch of challah dough you were too tired to bake all at once.

Frozen Food Recommended Storage Times #infographic

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