New Twists on Hamentaschen

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09 Mar 2016

One of the most beloved foods of the holiday are hamantaschen, a cookie baked in a triangular shape with a sweet filling in the middle. While traditional flavors such as apricot and raspberry fillings are delicious, creative variations on these Adar treats have become all the rage in recent years.

Here are some hamantaschen fun twists to get you in the Adar spirit.

Baklava Hamantaschen (dairy or pareve)


Popular kosher food blogger Chanie Apfelbaum, the force behind Busy in Brooklyn, never fails to outdo herself.

Sticky, sweet, this is quite the twist on your traditional Adar treat.


Sushi Hamantaschen (Onigiri) (meat or pareve)


You read that one correctly.

Also created by Apfelbaum, sushi is rolled into this three-sided treat, either using your hands or using a rice mold. Make as simple or fancy as you like with your favorite ingredients. And, it’s gluten free.

In accordance to Jewish dietary customs, meat and fish are not to be eaten together.


Hamantaschen Pops (dairy or pareve)


Kosher food blogger Laura Holland of Pragmatic Attic takes the concept of a cake pop to a new level.

Think small hamantaschen attached to a stick and chilled, then dipped in chocolate.


Rice Crispie Treats Hamantaschen (dairy or pareve)


The Nosher, food blog of, features this childhood favorite.

Rice crispies mixed with marshmallow, dipped in chocolate, covered in sprinkles and held on a stick. This Purim treat looks like a perfect activity to do with your children (or students) and the perfect activity to bring out your inner kid.

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