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Rabbi Leiby Burnham

Return of the Pirate

April 23, 2009, by

For all of us who thought pirates were a thing of the past, relegated to cartoon characters and Disney movies, the past months have been a rude awakening. One of the most recent made headlines over Pesach when a small group of Somali pirates in a few speedboats captured the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama. The captain

Bittersweet: The Sweetest Marror

March 25, 2009, by

When I was growing up, my Zeidy was the king of our Seder. His afikomen was by far the hardest to steal, actually nearly impossible, because he “hid” it in his jacket and guarded it with his life. But what gave him the crown was the fact that he ate freshly grated horseradish as his

Being Able to See the Forest For the Trees

March 18, 2009, by

When we think of the earliest explorers of our fledgling country, we tend to think of rugged adventurers of the Daniel Boone genre, people who would kill a bear with their bare hands and then eat its raw flesh for dinner, feeding the leftover scraps to their pet wolves. Unbeknownst to many is the fact

Persia, 369 BCE – 355 BCE

March 5, 2009, by

Miriam nervously stirred the pot of overcooked lentils, as she watched Shmuel putting on his finest silk robe. “Don’t you think there is something wrong with you going to a party that celebrates our people’s downfall? Some king thinks our exile has gone beyond its prescribed seventy year limit, he throws a party to show

Super Bowl Roundup

February 5, 2009, by

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Lynn Braddock welcoming you to this season’s very last NFL Weekly Review on ESPN! Here with me today is Jerry Rice, 13 time pro-bowler, owner of three Super Bowl rings, and record holder for the highest number of receptions in the history of the NFL. He is joined

The Prodigal Son

January 8, 2009, by

August 4th, 1991 – John Smith is born August 4th, 1991 – Wen Chyan is born. 1992- 1996 – John Smith watches cartoons 1992-1996 – Wen Chyan watches Baby Einstein 1997- 1999 – John Smith still watches cartoons after school. He particularly enjoys Pokemon 1997- 1999 – Wen Chyan reads books in school, after school,

Chanukah, 165 B.C.E

December 18, 2008, by

Moshe leapt from one roof to the next, his heart pounding wildly*. His two pursuers leapt after him, spears pointed at his back. They had been chasing him for what seemed like an eternity, but finally Moshe saw his escape. The gap between the roof he was standing upon and the roof to the right

Writing on the Wall

November 20, 2008, by

I have seen the writing on the wall… and it is colorful. There are blue and orange streaks all across one wall of our dining room. That was my daughter’s attempt to make a mural of people eating a Shabbos meal. We have some bright pink scribbles at the bottom of the stairs that probably

Bang for Your Buck

November 6, 2008, by

What would you do if I gave you eight billion dollars and told you to use it to benefit all of humanity? I know what I would do. There are a number of places I would try to place that money to work on world food shortages, health crises, pollution, and energy problems. I even

Pack Some Heat!

October 6, 2008, by

Life was getting rough for Miguel Sanchez. No more were the glory days of “coyotes,” the illegal immigrant smugglers who plied their trade along the porous Mexican-American border. Back then, he could charge $1,500 a head, shove 20 people in the back of a truck, cross the border at night, leave them in the middle